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GardenWise-Bioscaping Workshop

A special series of Beyond Gardens events proudly sponsored by the Town of Cambridge. Our aim is to highlight Waterwise gardening techniques that are specifically suited to WA's unique combinations of soils and climatic conditions.

Seminars are full of humour as the Beyond Gardens Team highlight unsustainable gardening practices and dispel many gardening myths, replacing them with practical techniques that result in success at a fraction of the current cost and use of resources.

Beyond Gardens Seminars. Informative, fun and free.

Good for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, the presenters are not sponsored by product manufacturers so workshop participants will receive unbiased advice.

Backed up with audiovisual presentations topics covered include:

  • What is bioscaping
  • The benefits of integrating native plants into your existing garden
  • Design Tips on how to do it and why
  • How plants grow - you will be surprised how many current practices are out of sync with the way plants grow
  • Understanding and improving your local soils - find out how digging can be counterproductive
  • Nutrients - what plants actually need
  • Mulching - not all mulches work, find out which ones actually save water
  • Choosing the right plants for your garden - you will be surprised by the diversity. Why some are better than others
  • Gardening myths and why gardening in WA is different to what is shown on TV
  • Questions & Answers
  • ...and much more... …and at half time light refreshments are served

  • Beyond Gardens is bringing the best Sustainability Events to W.A.